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Argentina Travel Tips And Tour Guide

by on May.25, 2013, under Adventures

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Argentina travel guides tend to come in the form of fat books, but a short summary of the choices may be useful for travelers looking for quick answers. The tips and tour options outlined below will come in handy when planning a holiday in South America. The first step in this process is to select Ezeiza Int’l Airport as the gateway in and out of the country.

Ezeiza is the airport serving Buenos Aires, and making it the gateway is very convenient since all visitors want to spend some time exploring Buenos Aires anyway. The rest of the choices are not as easy. The diverse number of tourist attractions in vast regions such as Patagonia and Pampas are breathtaking and can easily confuse tourists.

It would be unwise to attempt to include everything from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia on the itinerary. It’s best to pick a preferred theme or activity and find the best tour or destinations suitable for that. For instance, visitors interested in history and architecture can take urban tours in the Pampas region. This tour will include the grandeur of the capital city of Buenos Aires and the magnificent colonial architecture in Cordoba.

A winery tour in Mendoza is the best choice for an oenophile, since this wine country just outside the capital offers exemplary wine producers with award-winning wines. Puerto Madryn has serene beaches that are popular for summer vacations. Tierra del Fuego, with its national parks, giant glaciers and lakes, is ideal for outdoor holidays with a wide range of choices in terms of fishing, wildlife tours, camping, etc. Tierra del Fuego also includes Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world and the boarding point for Antarctic cruises.

All this looks good on paper, but actually traveling around to see and do all this is a herculean task. Argentina is a big country, and it’s hard to move around by road between all the cities that tourists want to visit. The aforementioned beach holiday in Puerto Madryn is an ideal example, since it takes a full day to drive there from Buenos Aires.

The famed Iguazu Falls are just as far away from Buenos Aires as Puerto Madryn, but in the opposite direction. These drives may be enjoyable for those want to spend their time on leisurely road trips, but others will find it hard to justify spending valuable days tearing down highways burning rubber. Some Patagonian destinations such as Ushuaia are too remote to reach by road from the capital.

In order to steer clear of such problems, the travel plan must include advance bookings for hotels and flights at each destination. This may again get quite complex and can easily go wrong due to unforeseen problems. An easy way out is to let a tour operator handle the logistics. They have well-planned luxury packages that are tailored to allow tourists to see and do as much as possible in one or two weeks without any hassles.

Being part of a tour group greases the wheels, so to speak, with luxury accommodations and transport. They also provide expert Argentina travel and tour guides who know from experience exactly what visitors like to do and see at each destination. Not to mention the fact that it keeps travelers in these groups safe from all the pitfalls and tourist traps that foreigners can so easily fall prey to in a new place.

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