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Are You Killing Your Filter: How To Know If You Need A Leaf Canister For Your Pool

by on May.19, 2011, under Vacations

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Above ground pool vacuums can vary in function and effectiveness. Any well-functioning vacuum will suck up not only small particles, like sand, but will also suck up larger pieces, such as twigs. One way to prolong the effectiveness of your above ground pool vacuum while making sure that your pool’s filter and pump have a healthy lifespan is to use an called a leaf canister.

What Does A Leaf Canister Do?

Leaf canisters connect to the vacuum hose between the vacuum and the pump. They are also occasionally referred to as leaf traps, leaf catchers, or leaf filters. They perform the simple yet very important task of preventing bigger particles, such as leaves and twigs, from arriving at your pool’s filter after they are sucked up by your pool’s vacuum. Big particles, such as sticks and leaves, will seriously reduce the ability of your filter, and will deplete the life of your pump.

Is A Leaf Catcher Necessary For My Above Ground Pool Vacuum?

Though a leaf catcher is not mandatory for the use of a cleaner in your above ground pool, it is highly recommended. It will prevent strain and wear on your pool’s filter and pump, allowing them to last longer and clean with more efficiency. You will find that the small price of is well worth it when you notice that your filter lasts longer, not to mention that you probably will not need to replace your pump any time soon.

Do I Need A Certain Kind For My Vacuum?

Any one will do. Several different companies make them. Just about all of them are high quality. However, be careful not to confuse a pool vacuum leaf canister with a different product called a leaf catcher that attaches to the surface skimmer of your pool. Thankfully, they look different, so it will not be hard to tell them apart.

Which Is The Best One?

The most popular leaf trap for above ground pool vacuums is the BLK Canister Standard, made by Hayward, the company that manufactures the top-selling above ground pool vacuum, the AquaBug.

Other popular models include:

Large Capacity Leaf Canister – Also made by Hayward, this is similar to the BLK Canister Standard, only slightly bigger. This enables it to contain more debris and particles, and also allows you to empty it less frequently.

Zodiac G3 Leaf Canister – The Zodiac is similar to the Hayward models, but it utilizes a patented T-Trap design to collect particles and debris.

Leaf Canister CLC030 – While not quite as commonly used as the Hayward or the Zodiac models, this is still a good product.

If you would like to know more about the Polaris Vac-Sweep above ground pool vacuum, as well as all the best and worst above ground pool vacuums, visit Bob Washington’s website.

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