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Aracari Peru Luxury Travel Ideas For Adventure And Comfort Side By Side

by on Sep.14, 2012, under Adventures

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When visiting Peru and the Amazon, tourists don’t have to choose between adventure and luxury. With Aracari luxury Peru tours include the most adventurous trips together with lavish comfort. What vacationers do need to decide, however, is the type of trip they’d like to take because Peru’s travelling opportunities are more varied than most country offerings.

Most don’t know that they can trek in luxury. Hiking under luxurious circumstances in harsh terrain only makes the comfort all the more lavish. Luxurious tents and 5 star cooks are an option. Another option is a tour between lodges. Both will include the kind of cuisine Peru is famous for all over the world.

The Andes is an area that can’t be navigated well enough by wheel. Narrow roads and steep inclines make it necessary to hike. Those who are well acquainted with their lack of fitness needn’t scratch the mountain range off their list. There are various options, adapted for every level of fitness.

Peru’s most interesting facet for many is the Inca history. There are many archaeological sites to visit there and most are found close to Cuzco and in the Andes. The Inca trail is one of the most well known walks on the globe and many take it on as a spiritual journey.

Cuzco is the closest village and an excellent start to the Inca trail. This town features colonial architecture and allows one to talk to and trade with locals. A series of trails and stair cases take tourists from there to the trail’s end at Machu Picchu.

The Inca’s skill with stone masonry is perfectly viewed at Machu Picchu. A series of steps and roads connects warehouses and residential areas and it’s believed to have been a royal estate. Goods are thought to have been carried from Cuzco as the area wasn’t optimal for agriculture. It does have gorgeous natural surrounds. The roads towards these ruins were built by the Incas and certain prior empires.

Those who are moderately fit will easily cope with the full four day version of the Inca trail. Two cloud forests will be passed and Llactapata are the first ruins that will be seen. The first six hours of hiking will take tourists through a cloud forest and up a steep incline into the mountains. They’ll pass many habitats with different fauna and flora.

The fourth day takes visitors to Machu Picchu itself, through another cloud forest and to the Phuyapatamarca ruins. Six more hours take trekkers to a restful train journey to a luxury hotel back in Cuzco. Serviced by a full staff compliment complete with cook allows visitors to ease their journey without the need to carry heavy backpacks.

The Andes supplies it own brand of adventure. Hikers will see many ruins and will also pass through some villages populated with locals. Many in the area have held on to certain elements of the Incan culture and tradesmen often make faux antiques reminiscent of the era. During tours crafted by Aracari luxury Peru comes alive with a range of different trips for every interest.

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