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An Exciting Adventure Visiting Beechworth

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When a traveller is fortunate enough to be able to travel to Australia they want to see as much of the area as possible. They want to see interesting things and have interesting experiences. One of the places many of these travellers have visited and greatly enjoyed is the town of Beechworth, which is located between Melbourne and Sydney.

The town’s museum will relate information regarding the original occupants of this area, an Aboriginal clan. Though there are no longer any of these people remaining, they left a very interesting history. A nomad type of people, they moved from one area to another according to the season. Information about them can be found at the town’s museum.

The town is also famous because gold was discovered there in 1852, which brought gold seekers from everywhere. It is reported that over a twenty five year period four million ounces of gold had been found. One activity available is being able to purchase a gold panning license and pan for gold. Wouldn’t it be something to brag about if one could go home with a gold nugget, they panned themselves?

The town is an example of history remaining at its best. Restored and original buildings are in abundance. One will find the Beechworth Post Office, six churches and many other buildings that were built in the 1800’s. Historic Ford Street presents gold rush buildings which allow one to re-live history at its finest.

To explore the court house, the carriage museum, the Burke Museum and the Ovens District Hospital Facade are added treats. Last, but not least, on the exploration trail is the Beechworth Cemetery. At the gate, one will receive a brochure, which describes the things of interest including some Chinese Burning Towers. As one wanders among the tombstones, it is easy to recognize many names of the original town founders.

Visiting the Historic and Cultural Precinct district, one will see how faithful the town’s people have preserved its originality. This Precinct is famous as one of the best examples of preservation in the world. The people have carefully retained many original buildings in their natural state and one will find them in excellent condition.

The Historic and Cultural Precinct is full of interesting things to view and there are people who are happy to explain their significance. As one strolls through the town one can almost feel the presence of those gold diggers of long ago and even go back to the Aboriginal Clan by a visit to the museum. When standing in one of these historical places one has a feeling that they have stepped back in time.

Excellent accommodations are available, including bed and breakfast, apartments, studios and many more. Many will have amenities such as microwave, air conditioning, and the Internet. It is always wise to check the offerings on the Internet and make an advance reservation to be sure one can receive the type of lodgings they prefer.

The restaurants in Beechworth are outstanding and some of the best chefs in the country work there. Some hotels have a restaurant, in house, where one can get a leisure breakfast or dinner. However, if one wishes they can explore the numerous pubs and other eating places that offer an unusual array of food dishes that will satisfy even the most critical eater.

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