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All Rewards Credit Cards Are Not The Same

by on May.16, 2011, under Travel

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Debit cards require you to have the money in your checking account, but credit cards allow you to borrow money in advance. One of the easiest ways to effectively borrow money for just about any kind of purchase is to pay with a credit card. Most true credit cards are actually just instruments which allow someone access to a loan without putting up collateral. When you buy something with a credit card from your wallet you borrowing money that you don’t readily have available.

Some cards give you points or rewards for buying certain items and you can then use those points to receive additional goods. If you can buy something with cash then you can often also get it for a reduced price by spending credit card points. There are points programs for travel, home improvement, electronics, theme parks and of course travel miles. But you should be selective when picking a new credit card because not all cards are equal. There are thousands of different types of credit cards, but “points” cards are among the most common.

If you do no travel, then using a credit card that gives travel miles is pretty useless to you. Some rewards cards have a limited selection of services you can use their rewards points for, but some offer thousands of different goods and services. You will want to pick a credit card that has a point system that you will use.

Not all credit cards offer the same rewards ratios and purchasing plans. Some points programs will only give you points for some types of purchases but some are less limiting and will give you points for any kind purchase. You may also want to be aware of large annual fees just for having the card.

A lot of people purposely apply for reward point credit cards when they have a big or expensive project planned. Points cards are often the best home improvement credit cards because you can easily build up a lot of points in a short period of time. When used properly rewards credit cards can give you lots of great prizes and can actually make a large purchase or group of purchases much less costly.

Need more guidance in deciding which card is the right card for you? You should read more about how to pick the best points credit card before you apply for any single card or have your credit rating checked.

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