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Air Dolomiti – A Comfortable Go

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Air Dolomiti is an Italian airline company against its base of operations in Villafranca di Verona, Italy. Its primary hub is Munich in Germany and it runs scheduled passenger air travels in between locations in Germany and Italy.

History: Air Dolomiti was developed in 1989 and began procedures in 1991. Its purpose was to supply flight in between medium sized flight terminals in Europe. In 1993, the airline signed a company contract against Lufthansa. In 2003, Lufthansa bought the airline company and boosts its shares from 26 % to 52 %. In 2007, Air Dolomiti signed a contract with 5 local airlines.

In 2003, Lufthansa bought the airline and raises its shares from 26 % to 52 %. In 2007, Air Dolomiti signed an agreement against 5 local airline companies.

Locations: Air Dolomiti runs scheduled traveler trips to: Florence, Venice, Naples, Trieste, Catania, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Crotone, Verona, Rome, Palermo, Pisa, Ancona, Olbia, Salerno and Bari in Italy, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich in Germany, Moscow in Russia, Nimes in France, Zurich in Switzerland and Vienna in Austria.

Reward program: Air Dolomiti travelers can easily get miles in its constant flyer program. Miles and Even more program gives gas mileage from 125-2000 miles relying on the ticket purchased. There may be extra exclusions for lessons and routes, especially on discount economic climate tickets. Members are qualified to markdowns depending on the lot of miles flown and various other privileges. Members may buy gifts, book holiday packages and acquire tickets for soccer matches in Munich. Members could additionally get miles to buy among the lots of redeem miles offers.

Luggage Info: Air Dolomiti additionally applies its very own set of baggage regulations for travelers which comply with worldwide airline baggage rules. Travelers carryon travel luggage must not go over 8kg in weight and should fit into the overhead areas. Economy class travelers can easily check-in 20kg luggage and field course passengers are allowed 30kg. Over weight luggage is asked for at 5 euro per kilogram on residential air travels and 10 euro each kilograms on worldwide air travels. To deliver pet animals; it is essential to notify the airline company ahead of time to trigger the solution verification. Animals in cabin luggage are charged 30 Euro for domestic and FIFTY Euro on worldwide flights. Animals in checked-in baggage are charged 70 Euro on residential and 100 Euro on worldwide trips. Expectant mothers, unaccompanied simples and handicapped individuals are well cared for by the crew.

Baggage Details: Air Dolomiti also executes its very own collection of luggage rules for travelers which abide by worldwide airline company luggage guidelines. Travelers carryon travel luggage have to not surpass 8kg in weight and must fit into the overhead compartments. Cheap airfare passengers can easily check-in 20kg baggage and business class passengers are permitted 30kg. Obese luggage is asked for at 5 euro every kilogram on domestic flights and 10 euro every kg on international air travels. To transport pet animals; it is necessary to educate the airline company ahead of time to turn on the service confirmation. Pets in cabin baggage are billed 30 Euro for residential and FIFTY Euro on international flights. Animals in checked-in baggage are asked for 70 Euro on residential and 100 Euro on international flights. Pregnant mothers, impaired persons and unaccompanied smalls are well taken care of by the staff.

Air Dolomiti additionally applies its own set of baggage regulations for passengers which comply against worldwide airline company baggage regulations.

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