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A Visit to Jougla Point in Antarctica

by on Mar.08, 2013, under Travel

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Oh the magnificent winter wonderland of Antarctica! It offers endless fun and amazing travel memories. During my trip I ended up at Jougla Point on Goudier Island, which got me reminiscing about working in Public Relations and had me in awe of the world around me. It’s the most remote and amazing continent to see! []

This place served as a reminder to me that travel is really about seeing new places and having amazing experiences and in this fantastic wonderland I was many miles from those busy office blocks of a big city! The commerical world is out of your mind as you wake up in a world of endless snow, strong blizzards, penguins and complete wilderness. Just amazing!

Jougla sits nicely on Goudier Island. My visit there was special as the adjoining part of Goudier Island houses a British Base – Port Lockroy! Jougla Point was the first stop off that day and prepared me for the epic trip across to Port Lockroy. It’s unlikely I will visit Port Lockroy again but the place left a lasting impression – sliding penguins and in the background a flying British flag!

The previous night we docked off the coast of Goudier Island. Our boat was the MS Expedition, a marvellous red vessel, great place to relax on board with Antarctica outside. Just amazing feeling and the next day we were all set for the landing at this place.

There was a sense of magic in the air when a snowstorm greeted our departure from the ship and over to the small Jougla Point. This is the adjacent island to Port Lockroy, the British Base. []

Penguins were the main attraction. And lots of them, sliding up and down and all over the snow! Just epic – such a breathtaking landscape! The background scenery is immense.

Jougla Point was probably our quickest and shortest Antarctica landing. It was all quite surreal and I’d give a lot to be standing back there right now in a blizzard miles from civilisation.

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