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A Few Fascinating Facts About Mesa Airlines

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Mesa Airlines is a story of struggle and survival which is really not all that unusual for an airline. There are others that have encountered similar hardships. Most of the airlines failed to overcome the hardships and only a few survived. But Mesa is rather different from these other airlines because they used leverage. This just means that they are willing to do deals and create partnerships with other industry players. By doing this they can hold out during times of economic trouble. Below are some very interesting facts about Mesa Airlines.

Mesa Airlines has its headquarters based in Phoenix, Arizona and it deals in US based flights. Mesa Airlines and the Mesa Air Group are the same company run by the same people. The Air Group consists of a number of airlines each of which is a separate entity with their own fleet, livery location and distinct name. Like you have United Express, Mesa Airlines and go! – they are all unique airlines however they are all operating for the Mesa Air group. Mokulele is the service that runs in the Hawaiian Islands. There is rich history and diversity that is associated with Mesa, and they continue to operate profitably and successfully. Mesa Airlines is also known as US Airways Express and it operates from this name. In 1997 US Airways made an agreement with Mesa over another code share, which is why it’s under that name. This sub company of Mesa goes to around 14 destinations around the US. Phoenix Arizona and Charlotte, North Carolina are the main flight bases for US Airways Express. The air fleet for this code share operation consist of Bombardier CRJ900 and CRJ200 aircraft as well as the Dash 8 aircraft. However, in 2005, Mesa was in bankruptcy court and this particular code share agreement with US Airways was not reaffirmed.

When Mesa Airlines forged another partnership with another airline, United Express was born. This sort of deal is a way that airlines guarantee revenue, and it is a pretty standard practice in this industry. United Express operates a fleet of Bombardier CRJ-700 aircraft, and they have two operational hubs located in Chicago’s O’Hare airport and Washington-Dulles airport. United Express, and a number of other airlines, operate under the Mesa Group.

One plane that flew between two cities was all that Mesa Airlines had in the very beginning. 10 years later and the company had increased its fleet to 38 planes, and had started taking passengers to 63 destinations all over the USA. They went from a corporation that was private to one that was public, and they started trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The end of the 1980s saw a code share agreement and partnership with Midwest Express Airlines. Thanks to this agreement the airline could now charter flights out of Milwaukee, in Wisconsin. Then, in 1990, Mesa was able to gain a valuable code share partnership with United Airlines thus paving the way for the creation of United Express flying out of Denver Colorado.

Mesa has not just profited, since the Mesa Group was created, but are doing quite well as result of. Mesa and three accompanying transport services are all associated with the Air Group. Among the fact they are in an association as a subsidiary, they also have quite a reputation as regional transporters. After a mere 13 months the company will again be able to come to light, after significant deterioration and reconstruction.

That is a development that took the aviation by surprise due to the short time period.

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