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A Chelsea Market Map Is Your Key To The Tastes Of New York

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New York City has something to offer every kind of visitor. Art lovers flock to museums such as the Metropolitan, the Guggenheim, the Whitney or MoMA. Sports fans try to catch a game at a venue like Yankee Stadium, Flushing Meadows or Madison Square Garden. Music lovers spend their time in the East Village and surrounds. Foodies, however, get a Chelsea Market map and eat their way through the Big Apple.

The Chelsea Market isn’t housed in an open space but in one of Manhattan’s historic buildings. On the lower floors of this 22-story complex, you’ll find food stalls, restaurants and other shops that will make you think you’ve entered foodie heaven. Higher up there are offices for Google, EMI Music Publishing and other companies. Food Network also has its studios here.

The market is located in the old Nabisco factory in New York. Between the 1890s and the 1950s, the ovens and factory line here produced some of America’s most popular snacks and cookies, like Ritz Crackers, Animal Crackers and Fig Newtons. It was in this very building that, in 1912, someone had the idea of sandwiching together two chocolate biscuits to make the Oreo cookie.

Continuing the tradition are many of the bakeries that now do business in the Chelsea Market. Scrumptious breads, brownies and pies are just some of the baked goods that you can sample here. If you prefer something else, though, you won’t be disappointed. From wine to coffee, from lobster to deli meats, from Italian to Thai, you’ll find it in this building. Have a gift basket made up or if your kitchen knives are blunt, bring them along to have them sharpened by a professional.

If you need a break from the assault on your senses or simply want a place to enjoy a picnic consisting of some of the products you bought, head up to the second floor for the urban oasis known as the High Line. An elevated railroad track used to serve factories in this part of Manhattan and passed right through the second floor of the Nabisco building. After the trains stopped coming, though, the tracks were turned into a city park covered in greenery.

As the name suggests, the Chelsea Market is in Chelsea. This Manhattan district is also famed for its art galleries. The building housing the market covers the city block flanked by West 16th Street, 10th Avenue, West 15th Street and 9th Avenue.

If you’re in Chelsea or one of its neighboring districts, it’s easy enough to simply walk to the market. The nearest subway station is only a block away, where 8th Avenue and West 14th Street intersect. To figure out which of the alphabetically numbered trains you can take here, simply remember the word ‘LACE’. You can also reach the location by bus: Take the Uptown or Downtown M11 or the Crosstown M14. Alternatively, take one of New York’s famed yellow cabs.

A travel agent can arrange a food tour for you. This is a fun way of exploring the goods on offer. However, you may prefer to explore the shops, food stalls and restaurants on your own. To do this, all you need is a Chelsea Market map that’s available online and then be sure that you bring a healthy appetite.

If you would like to view an excellent Chelsea market map, check out this link to www.safetourist.org. A great deal of helpful NYC info is waiting for you at http://www.safetourist.org right now.

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