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5 Steps To Getting Better Flying

by on Apr.10, 2013, under Travel

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Ever since the economy has been in a major downturn, many airlines have suffered greatly as people had to cut back on their long distance travel. In fact, a good number of airlines have had decided to merge together, while others have had to cease operations altogether. Many of the remaining airlines have had to compensate for the financial lull by scaling back on some of the services and amenities they usually offer, even completely eliminating many of them. Given many of these changes, many people have found that business class flights now can provide considerable luxury at more affordable prices.

Before the effects of the recession really started to come down, airlines used to offer their passengers the choice of sitting in coach class, business class, or first class seating. In the time since then, though, many airlines have gotten rid of their luxury class seating and some of the relative amenities, instead shifting them down to the business class, making this the only luxury option. Although coach still remains the least expensive, some of the amenities once offered in first class can now be obtained for less costs within business class. Even more, because most coach classes no longer provide any complimentary amenities, many people have accepted the new business class model as a decent economical choice.

Because the luxury it provides is now more affordable, business class is often preferred over coach class because of its more comfortable seats and more spacious seating arrangements. For frequent fliers or fliers on long international flights, especially, the issue of comfort is often what distinguishes a good flight from a bad one. A lot of the times, frequent and international fliers are also flying for business reasons and, as such, will need to get as much rest as possible during those incredibly long flights. Depending on the particular airline, passengers in business class will have the luxury of either cradle seats, angled or fully flat seats.

Though the number of amenities and services given to all flight classes have mostly been reduced, those offered as part of business class are often much valued and appreciated. The one that most people think of is the food, which will tend to be of higher quality in business class even when offered in coach. Business class passengers are also sometimes offered special check-in and boarding privileges, along with special seating areas in airport terminals. What most passengers like the most about these amenities is the fact that many of these were once part of first class packages, but can now be enjoyed at business class prices.

Even though the economy has started to slowly rebound, most consumers have learned the lesson of getting as much as possible by spending as little money as they possibly can. This is why the changes made in business class flights are now being applauded by passengers for the amenities they offer at affordable prices.

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