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Orca Whales/Killers of the Sea?

by on Jul.30, 2012, under Adventures

Orca whales (or killer whales as they are sometimes called) are not really whales at all but are the largest member of the dolphin family. These highly intelligent mammals roam the oceans of the world except for the warm waters of the tropics, and they live in family groups called pods. The family structure of these pods revolves around the oldest female member making them one of the few large mammals that live in a matriarchal society.

Except for human beings, Orca whales are the top predators of the sea. They developed their nickname “Killer w Whale” by the way they hunt large whales. There are many similarities between a pack of wolves hunting and a pod of Orcas doing the same. These whales have been known to attack and kill blue whales, the largest animal that roams our oceans. Killer whales are organized hunters, chasing their prey with relentless pursuit, wearing it down, driving it to exhaustion before starting to rip hunks of flesh from its body. There is an amazing and somewhat disturbing series of photographic published in National Geographic of these whales attacking a blue whale off the coast of Baja, Mexico.

Male Orca whales become sexual mature at fifteen years of age and females become sexually mature around twelve years of age. After mating the gestation period is seventeen months. Baby whales are born tail first, eyes open and ready to take their first breath, often with a little help from their mother. The average baby at birth is approximately eight feet long and weighs close to four hundred pounds. It is estimated that a fully grown male Orca whale needs to consume over a hundred pounds of food daily to survive and can weigh over twelve thousand pounds.

Experts can identify Orca whales by their dorsal fin and also by their distinct saddle patch. The dorsal fin on a breeding age male can be six feet tall. Female dorsal fins are smaller and more rounded or swept back. The saddle patch is a small area of gray at the base of their dorsal fin. Another tool used in identifying individual whales is the many different nicks, scars, and other irregularities found on their fin. In the wild Orca whales enjoy a very long life. The male’s life span is estimated to be between thirty and sixty years of age and the female fifty to eighty. One interesting note is that in the Pacific Northwest of Washington state (which is the best place on the planet to see Orca whales in their natural environment) the oldest living female named “Granny” just turned one hundred years old this year. Unfortunately Orca whales have a much shorter life span in captivity.

Rather or not these beautiful animals should be labeled with the name “killer” is up for debate, but science agrees that there has never been one known case of an Orca whale (except in captivity) attacking or in any manner hunting, harassing or killing a human being.

Want to learn more about Orca whales? Please visit me and also enjoy my FREE Orca Whale photo gallery:Orca Whale Watching

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    Take advantage of Water purification tablets to filter your toxified water any time traveling around

    by on Jul.29, 2012, under Travel

    Everyday living in the desert is hard, notably if you stroll by yourself and you also got no-one that may help you any time troubles show up. You need to simply pull through when you’ve got a shortage of food and water. The actual deserts climate will differ considerably, you can get temps amongst 25 and Fifty five degrees daily but overnight temperatures may drop directly below zero.

    It is better to always be active within deserts during the night time, the majority of wildlife that can be living in the particular desert usually are night time animals and are also active through the night. You have to get a shelter in the daytime to ensure one’s body stays protected or you will get sunburned very easily. There is nothing that can be done during the day, the sun will likely be so incredibly hot that you’ve got very little power to do things. Furthermore, be careful for the sun, you can actually dry out.

    That’s the reason cacti can quickly take in rainwater from the earth right after a rainfall The cactus is considered the most well known desert plant. A cactus can certainly take up water rapidly from the soil right after a rain fall, making any cacti without difficulty stay alive inside the wilderness. If you’re within the desert with no fluids it is possible to cut-off a piece of the cactus and sip the particular water which comes from the plant. Quite a few cacti at the same time grow delicious fresh fruits, however use caution for the needles which have barbs that can be hard to get out from our bodies.

    If an individual needs to make it through while in the backwoods, it is essential to catch most of the wildlife stumbled upon. You can to illustrate, experience the desert lizard, if you would like capture one of those you must be very fast as these lizards are really quick and hide them selves within the fine sand as much as 1 meter deep. Nevertheless, should there be a need for food it’s possible to try to eat those animals actually raw. There are plenty of scorpions located in the desert, you should be cautious with the poison which is inside the tail. Any time you take off the tail you don’t should concern any poison that could be residing in the actual tail. You’ll need to get rid of the claws as well as perhaps any panzer. You will also find a number of snake types you can easily consume. If you need to grab any snake be sure you have a very good branch or something like that to place behind the head from the snake. When the head off the particular snake is taken off you are able to get rid of the skin. The main benefit of having the snake is that there are numerous healthy proteins in the flesh of the snake.

    A number of people that happen to be moving around throughout the desert are usually in the possession of a camel. Camels are great when traveling within the desert because they can live without for a long period. There is also a story regarding a fella who capable to survive because of a camel. He made it definitely not because the camel brought him home however as a result of water the camel provided. Camels can easily change fat from the lumps in to water. The person cut this camel open and took the water from it. This eventually ended up saving the life from the man. Sorry to say this camel was killed. The camel typically store food within his stomach. The camel has 3 stomachs, in one of them the food is not really entirely digested and is also edible. If you have a camel you can even have camel milk.

    If there is really nothing more to get the only answer you may have is simply by having your urine. Needless to say, there are various ingredients within urine which are secreted from your human body since the human body doesn’t need this, but it’s nevertheless moist. Bear in mind that urine is definitely salty which means you receive the experience that you are thirstier.

    When you discover a water source and you really are unsure if your water is contaminated your able to use water purification tablets in making the water drinkable. When you’ve got iodine pills you may drink water within just a half hour. For people who have chlorine pills and / or chlorine dioxide tablets it will take 2 hours before you have purified water. It is wise to possess a security and safety package along with you having water purification tablets inside. If you would like to find out about purifying dirtied water you can look at water purification tablets pro. You can find almost everything related to water purification tablets and also the details for selecting the best pills for you personally need.

    Find out more about Water purification during survival trips and prevent troubles by saving your life using water purification tablets.

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      I Traveled To Rome and Bought a Small Wardrobe

      by on Jul.28, 2012, under Vacations

      There are various sayings regarding Rome, with one among them currently being ‘Rome was not built inside of a day’. For that reason when I was intending to journey to this metropolis, I used to be bewildered about how I can plan my itinerary, mainly because I was determined to explore the great things about this town. Thus, as part of my organizing for the excursion, I put in hrs on the web, wanting to determine a number of the must see destinations and what to expect when I saw them.

      Each day brought more anxiety, as I could not wait to see the beauty of Rome. At the back of my mind, I was determined to make every single minute spent here count, so when the travel date came I set off. Upon arrival, I could not help but behold the beauty of this grandeur city. As a matter of fact, I could see some of the things that I had read or only heard about unfold right before me. I checked into my hotel room where I was going to spend the next two weeks and here, I also could not help but marvel at just about every detail in the room.

      In reality, the room was painted in amazing shad of cream that made me adore it at once. In reality I felt like a Royalty, I forgot that I used to be so many miles from Rome. Next, the household furniture that was in in the place was very little vintage looking. There was a pine wooden bed that looked very comfortable and special colored bedding nicely spread on it. The place also had a huge tailor made wardrobe which was second to none It looked good. The look was breathtaking and so was the other pieces which were utilized to finish it. The window bay area also had a classy pine desk, that added to the appeal of the hotel. Furthermore, there were two slim bedside cabinets on each side of your bed that had bedside lamps put on them. All these helped me to settle in before embarking on the genuine reason that had brought me here which was to take pleasure in the elegance of Rome.

      So just after relaxing and getting used to my new environment that was home for a while maybe even a long time, I took a wander through the city as it is considered being the best way to sample this wonderful location. The weather was ideal and so as I walked along the streets, I had surprising luck in discovering some smart shops. I ultimately finished up inside of a tea room among the busy streets I sat down and spent time observing how the folks here live their lives and what work I could see them do. I need to say the atmosphere right here was fantastic so I sipped my cup of tea little by little as I appreciated the great songs which was played in the bar. After about an hour or so, I studied my map and strolled back again to my guest room where I washed before heading on to the restaurant for evening meal. Afterwards, I returned to my own room where I reviewed my itinerary for the remainder of the holiday then I jumped inside the warmth of the inviting blankets. I really had enjoyed my first day in this city.

      My assumptions were right, my vacation in Rome was the ideal break I needed and so when I was going back home again I purchased a small wardrobe, that I treasure so much because it jogs my memory with the creative nature of Rome, and its beautiful persons.

      Want to find out more about small pine wardrobes, then visit Giles Ingram’s site on how to choose the best pine wardrobes for your needs.

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