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The cool guide to beautiful Copenhagen

by on Jun.27, 2012, under Vacations

If you had not yet heard, I will tell you: Copenhagen is an amazing capital!

A lot of people think of Tivoli and Hans Christian Andersen when you mention the Danish capital or Denmark, but there is actually much more to this beautiful capital than children’s stories and addictive pastry!

I am a Dane, who lived in Copenhagen for for some ten years, and decided I should present some of the alternative sights and activities in Copenhagen that you won’t see in all the guide books.

Right, let us get to my 5 recommendations for cool things to do and see in this capital of Denmark.

1. Parks: Copenhagen is dotted with green areas. If you live here you are never more than five minutes away from a cosy park. If you are spending many days here, then go for a walk in Kongens Have (Kings Garden), HC Orsteds Parken, Botanisk Have (Botanical Garden), or Frederiksberg Have. These are all great for tanning or drinking a cold beer – that is what the Copenhageners will be doing if the weather allows it.

2. Norrebro: Norrebro is the most ethnically mixed area in the city and has a very urban feel to it. There’re some very trendy streets here for going shopping, looking at art or going out. The streets we prefer are Blagardsgade, Jaegersborgsgade, Elmegade, and the cemetery, Assistentens Kirkegaard, where Soren Kierkegaard is buried. Also go see the newly opened ‘Superkilen’ – a really psychedelic red painted square.

3. Water: Copenhagen resides by the sea, and it is possibly one of the few big cities where you can swim in the harbor areas – there is also a nice beach. Islands Brygge is one of the cool neighborhoods in the city, and it has an overwhelmingly popular grass area where people are enjoying the sun and chilling out, while jumping in and out of the ‘pool’ in the harbor. If you prefer the beach, then go to the beautiful beach park at ‘Amager Strandpark’. We are in Scandinavia, mind you, so regrettably we won’t see 200 days of pool weather every year, but we make sure to enjoy the summer, the few months it is there.

4. Malmo: Hold on, isn’t Malmo in Sweden? It sure is, but it is only a 20 minute train ride over Oresund. Many people in the Danish capital consider the Swedish neighbor as a suburb and it is an obvious choice for a one-day trip of shopping and sightseeing. Costs are a little lower in Malmo, so that is definitely a good motivation to go, as Copenhagen is famous for its inflated prices.

5. Vesterbro neighborhood: Another area that used to be a little rough, and famous for the red light district, but now a hipster haven with fantastic shopping and cafes. The main area of interest is on Istedgade – a street famous for the sex shops and prostitutes in its glory days. This still exists, but is now mainly limited to a few streets close to the train station.

I very much hope you liked these tips and I wish you an awesome trip to Wonderful Copenhagen. Below you should find a link to a cool and fun karaoke bar to have a drink when going out in Copenhagen.

Following a nice day of sightseeing, why not visit the most outrageous Copenhagen Bar – Sam’s Bar. Also check out the official homepage of this Awesome Karaoke Bar in Copenhagen (in Danish).

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    I Went to a Bull Fight in Madrid and Afterwards had a Spanish Meal at a Small Bistro And Sat At A Pine Table

    by on Jun.26, 2012, under spain

    Madrid is amongst the most noisiest places in the world that has lots of things that one would want to do. One of the most talked about traditions is bull fighting, which has for long been regarded to be exclusive to, the Spanish villages of Costa Blanca and Andalusia. The event that is definitely controversial is a crucial tradition in Spain, and is mostly held at Las Ventas bullring. The bull-fighting season is thought of to be amongst the months of April and September. Through this time, bullfights are scheduled for each Sunday, and during other important festivals for example Dos de Mayo, La Paloma and San Isidro among other select Fridays.

    I not too long ago visited Spain on a holiday, exactly where I had an excellent time enjoying several of the best sights and sounds of this city. My holiday would have lacked a feeling of Spain if I did not go to a bull fight. I 1st had to get my ticket in to ensure that I secured a spot in the 25,000-capacity bullfight ring, for a match that was scheduled for late Sunday afternoon. Having heard a lot about bullfighting in this Spanish capital, I couldn’t wait to quench my curiosity therefore, I kept checking the amount of time that was left to the fight. Owing for the high number of people expected at the ring, I grabbed a snack and set off for the Las Madrid bullring anticipating nothing but a lifetime expertise. If anything, the bull fighting tradition is unheard of in my own town.

    A typical bullfight comprises three bull fighters that represent two helpers each, who get in to the ring against six bulls. The fight lasts for about two hours with the knowledgeable fighters taking on the fight initially. The only time an experienced matador will not begin the fight, is when there’s a new that should be introduced to the public. The presentation of a brand new bull fighter can also be referred to as a new option.

    The fight takes place in three rounds that are also known as tercios so to get the fight started, the matador engaged the bull in the first round with a big cape. On the other hand one helpers went ahead to provoke the bull with what is commonly known as pincho. In the second round that is also called banderillos, three pairs of colorful banderillas were stuck on the bull, getting it for the final round that is also very important. The matador then receives the bull with a red tape as well as a sword. The motive is to kill the bull by driving a sword between the bulls shoulder blades. This was done artistically and gracefully, and received so much applause from the public. At the end, the matador was awarded a two of the bull’s ears. The truth is that the experience left me with mixed emotions of excitement and fear. In fact, my adrenaline levels were at all time high.

    Because of this, I sought to calm my nerves after the fight by treating myself to a sumptuous Spanish meal, at a small bistro that is not so far from the bullring. The bistro had serene interior as well as great pieces of furniture that included small pine tables, I loved relaxing round the tables, with equally complimenting chairs. With a well-fed stomach, I retreated to my hotel room where I took stock of the day before retiring to bed. In summary, although bull fighting has a great fan base, it can be nerve wrecking for first time fans. All the same it was a great experience as I sure had something to write home about.

    After a bullfight relax at a pine table, then visit Sarah’s site and choose the best farmhouse tables to blend into your home.

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      Deciding On The Right Hotel

      by on Jun.25, 2012, under Vacations

      Travelers that decide to get away for any reason are often very exciting about doing so. This is a process that is also faced with a great deal of anxiety when trying to ensure that all plans are carefully coordinated and finalized whenever they are under consideration. People that are planning on this particular need should be capable of deciding on the right Kamloops hotel to help fulfill their accommodation needs.

      Hotels are often one of the main components of making travel decisions of any kind. These are accommodations that are utilized to help make sure that people have a place to rest and recuperate from their travels and are in an industry that is very highly competitive in rates and offerings. Consumers are usually very particular about the decisions they make in this effort.

      Anyone traveling to Kamloops have quite a few accommodation options to sort through. These are options that are often very comparable and complicated to sort out when finding the best one possible. Keeping this decision as simple as possible helps ensure the best facilities are discovered for their trip.

      The actual location of the facility is often an initial consideration in this process. Location is pertinent as most people wish to ensure that all areas of attraction they are interested in are easily accessible. Finding one that is in the heart of everything is often most effective.

      Travelers should also pay attention to the amenities that are offered from the facility in question. Amenities are usually provided to guests to help them feel more comfortable and relaxed while away from home. Larger rooms and even shuttle services are quite common in this option base.

      A kamloops hotel should finally include an affordable nightly rate. The rates assessed should be based upon the need for keeping things competitive and reasonable in overall dollar amount. This helps make sure that the entire trip is as carefully coordinated as possible.

      You can visit the website http://www.scottsinn.com for more helpful information about kamloops hotel.

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