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Vacation To Mauritius The Isle In The Ocean of Jade

by on Dec.19, 2010, under Vacations

Tourists who vacation to Mauritius are always surprised at how completely different the island is to any place else in the world they have visited. The pretty Garden Island is found just off the coast of Africa and slightly east of Madagascar.

It is quite simply striking in its dramatic glory. If your holiday agenda includes such stuff as natural views, palm fringed silver-colored beaches and mountains you’ll be at the right spot!

There had been a time many years back when Mauritius was simply called the habitat of the now extinct and famous dodo bird. How times have changed. These days, the island is renowned around the world for being a shangri la washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and for eco-tourism and great watersports. The culture is very diverse and residents come from such places as China, India, and all over Africa.

The largest city on the island is named Port Louis. This intriguing place hot and busy colorful is a total must visit. It’s got a reputation for quality yet inexpensive clothing. The busy market close by is a place to find many exotic fruits and fine local cuisine. A lot of it is served from stalls alongside the roadway. Street sellers serve up all sorts of interesting local foods. As you’d guess, the speciality is seafood.

As well as being renowned for its shopping and beach resorts Mauritius is beginning to become increasing preferred as an eco-tourism destination. As a fertile volcanic island, Mauritius is famous for its lush and frequently unique varieties of flora and fauna. A remarkable way to spend your nirvana vacation is to explore the wonderful scenic natural reserves of the island. Remember to take along your camera!

Travellers will be spoilt for choice here. There are jeep safaris that whisk you through the 17 square miles of the Yemen State Park on the islands western flank. The park is home to the Tamarin and Rempart brooks, stuffed with fish, and winding thru the park wildlife reserve. You can spot zebra, antelope, giraffes and ostriches, alongside many rare birds that are native to the island.

This place is where jaded visitors can come and be revitalised. The uniqueness of the place alone is surprising. It is really a garden set in an ocean of jade. Dance to the Sega rhythms ; experience the dholl puri, and the hot samosas – local specialities. As you ramble thru this tropical heaven you’ll find a pleasure at each turn in the road. You may also possibly wonder why you took so long to find out Mauritius for yourself!

Now you have read this quick article, maybe your feelings are stirred and you need to go take a holiday in Mauritius yourself. Fantastic waterfalls, steaming jungles, stalwart mountains and fabulous Silver beaches sound great on paper but there is nothing like seeing the real deal. There are no amount of words that really could describe the sounds and sights of this place. You really must pay a visit today!

Holidays to Mauritius are available this summer such as some exotic hotels such as Les Pavillons, Legend hotel, plus many more luxurious hotels.

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    RV Sales Followed By Free Camping Options

    by on Dec.19, 2010, under Travel

    As you look at RV sales to find the perfect motor home or travel trailer for you, you will be inundated with prices and costs. You will be looking at your budget to shop RV sales as well as the overall price for the motor home or travel trailer. People look for a healthy balance between RV sales prices and what they can afford. You will search RV sales and more than certainly find the perfect one for you. The good thing about investing in RV sales is that after you purchase, you can find money saving opportunities, such as free camping.

    Were you aware that there are more than 400 million acres of lands that offer camping for free to those who have RVs? If you are an RV sales enthusiast, then think about saving money on vacation by traveling in your motor home. Free camp grounds are available because of our tax dollars. Check around to see what RV camp grounds are on your travel path.

    Some RV camping sites are more rustic than others, meaning there are no pools, or added amenities. There could be no water hook ups or cable tv. But, it is good to know that such rustic sites offer gorgeous views for your motor home or travel trailer needs.

    Take a detailed research look at the camp sites and grounds in your state to see what RV camp grounds offer free or low cost camping. Look at the state land options, as well. There are states, such as Arizona, that offer a low price permit to those who will be using state land or public land to camp on.

    Look at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which was established in 1946. It is the organization that manages the approximately 256 million surface acres of land across the United States. Www.publiclands.org is a great website that will help you find RV campgrounds, RV amenities, and RV activities when you travel.

    Look online at the Department of Agriculture and the National Forest Service which both protect the national parks. These resources can help you find free or camping that is low-cost for your new or use RV or travel trailer.

    Some dogs and/or other pets will be welcome at National campgrounds, but you should double check before you travel with your friendly furry animals. The website www.rv-camping.org offers RV enthusiasts assistance in such matters.

    You have the ability to research and find the best RV to suit your financial needs, knowing that you can save money by camping for free after the purchase. Check out your options and the free camp sites in your state. Enjoy your RVing experiences.

    Julie Jacobs is a motor home enthusiast who writes about RV sales and more. You can learn more by visiting www.PedataRVCenter.com.

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    Learn Italian: Easy Look at Vowels

    by on Dec.19, 2010, under Travel

    For most native English speakers, to learn Italian language pronunciation is a challenge within reach compared to many other languages. Only a small number of consonant sounds do not have direct English equivalents; however, the wide exposure to Italian cuisine, movies, and music has given a number of people at least some familiarity with these different sounds. As for the vowels, they all can be found in English! While there are five written vowel letters “a, e, i, o, u”, there are seven distinct vowel sounds. These other two sounds come from the “open” and “close” pronunciations of the letters “e” and “o”. What is an “open” or “close” vowel sound? Let’s find out by taking a closer look at how to pronounce all the Italian vowels.

    First, let’s begin with the vowels that always have the same sound. Whenever you see the vowels “a”, “i”, and “u” between consonants or alone at the beginning/end of a word, you’ll see that the “a” sounds like the “a” in the English word “father” as in gatto (cat), the “i” sounds like the “ee” in the English word “see” as in amico (friend), and the “u” sounds like the “oo” English word “food” as in uno (one). However, when vowels are next to other vowels, they sometimes can combine with their neighbors and form a new sound that is called a diphthong (two vowel sounds combined into one) or triphthong (three vowel sounds combined into one), but to go into more detail is beyond the scope of this article.

    Now, let’s take a look at the letters “e” and “o”. Both these letters have what is called an “open” and “close” pronunciation. These terms describe the position of the tongue in the mouth when the vowel sound is made. For an “open” vowel sound, the tongue is placed at the bottom of the mouth creating an open cavity for air to pass through. On the other hand, a “close” vowel sound is made when the tongue is raised close to the roof of the mouth minimizing the amount of air that passes and changing the sound of the vowel.

    In Italian, the open “e” sounds like the “e” in the English word “bed” as in bella (pretty). While, the close “e” sounds like the “ai” in the English word “maid” as in mela (apple). There are even some words that differ in meaning solely by the use of a close “e” or open “e”. For example, in Italian pronounce the word pesca with a close “e” and your Italian friend will think you’re talking about a “peach”. If you say pesca with an open “e” it takes on the meaning of “fishing.” Like the letter “e”, the Italian “o” has both open and close pronunciations. The open “o” sounds like the “o” in the English word “hog” as in forza (strength) while the close “o” sounds like the “oe” in the English word “toe” as in signore (sir; gentleman).

    So, how do you know when to pronounce an Italian “e” or “o” as an open or close vowel? Usually, in unstressed syllables you’ll only find close vowels such as the “o” in sabato (Saturday) and the “e” in nove (nine). However, in stressed syllables you can come across either the close or open vowel sound. Sometimes accent marks can be placed over the vowels to help you tell the difference in pronunciations. The upward angled mark (acute accent), as in “” or “”, designates an open pronunciation while the falling mark (grave accent), as in “” or “”, signifies a close pronunciation. While you may find these accent marks provided in dictionaries or even in written material when the author is clarifying homographs such as ancra (still) as opposed to ncora (anchor), you’ll generally only find an accent mark on the final syllable if it’s stressed like with perch (why), caff (coffee), and per (but).

    Even then, particularly in handwriting, many Italians use the accent mark only as a marker of stress and not to distinguish between the open and close pronunciations. So, you may come across a stroke above the letter that looks neither acute nor grave. Or, you may discover grave accents used for all cases. While these guidelines follow the pronunciation of the Tuscan accent which has become the neutral standard used in dictionaries and in the media, Italy is still a country with many strong regional accents. In some cases, the use of a close or open vowel for a certain word is the exact opposite usage of another region. Or, some regional accents may not make a distinction between an open and close vowel that another would. So,listen for the sounds of the letters “e” and “o” from the accent you’re trying to emulate. Get out there, have fun and talk to people! Ciao!

    For more on italian pronunciation audio resources try looking through this Italian pronunciation guide and consider learning on the go with mobile devices like that iPhone which integrate aural and visual stimuli.

    Polyglot and world nomad, PT Gardner loves Romance languages and can while away the day with a dictionary. You can find him blogging here.

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