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Utmost Reasons Why Travelers Must Watch The Latest Travel News

by on Dec.19, 2010, under Travel

Every frequent traveler on business needs to know the latest business travel news. If a new company is in town with great flight rates, and travel packages, this is valuable information.

There’s a new travel service that can really help with this. You can subscribe to business travel news. If you don’t know what is going on, you may miss a strike starting the day you need to leave. Wouldn’t it have been better to have known ahead of time and book with a different airline?

You’ll also need to know about weather and travel conditions for your destination. If you live somewhere warm, and are traveling, you may wrongly estimate the conditions. What if it is cold where you are going? What if you are experiencing summer, but the destination is in the other hemisphere and is the middle of winter?

Imagine if you didn’t check and you assumed it is summer everywhere because you are experiencing summer at home. But in some places, your summer will be their winter! If you pack only thin clothing you’ll be very uncomfortable.

Remember, your destination country may not be an English speaking one. If this is the case, you may have to have a way to get an interpreter. Otherwise you may not find your way around the city.

What if you are in a bad area? You can put yourself in danger without knowing. You don’t want to wear dressy clothing and carry a great bag if where you are traveling to is full of pickpockets and criminals. In China, you want to be careful with your credit cards as misuse of this information is common. Know the laws of an area and also the typical problems.

For instance, don’t assume you can just drive yourself around China. You can’t get a car in China just because you can drive one in the United States. The law prevents this.

There is no good reason to be ignorant of the conditions and climate of your destination. You can always get current, quickly updated news on the Internet.

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Travel In RVs To Sites That Have Been Upgraded

by on Dec.19, 2010, under Travel

RVs offer many families a style of life that is luxurious. Even the smaller RVs, such as the Class C unit or a towable, lightweight travel trailer offer amenities that living at home may not offer. Across the United States, RVs are being parked at campgrounds that are equally as luxurious and appealing as the country club.

Due to the economy and people traveling by air less, it has been noted that folks are more willing to travel in their RVs to nearby or area campgrounds. Traveling in RVs gives people the chance to have fun experience without breaking the budget. Since the trend of RVs continues to increase, motor home campgrounds are spending time and money to upgrade their grounds to make them a competitor in the market place.

Camp grounds offer families a complete and holistic camping experience. There are activities for children, adults, and full families. You can find putt-putt golf, arcades, pools, and more. Families can build a camp fire, grill out, or even watch a movie. By traveling in a recreational vehicle, these activities can all be done at a less expensive price than taking a full family vacation via air or car.

If you are in the California, look at these three upgraded sites to see what they offer and what others are offering across the United States.

1. North of San Francisco is Yogi Bear Park

2. Visit Flying Flags, an RV resort located northeast of Santa Barbara

3. Bay Area of San Diego is another top notch RV camp that has been upgraded with new amenities to attract the motor home traveler.

These three examples are located in California, but there are thousands across the US that are eager to attract new and repeat motor home visitors. This means that RV camp grounds must tailor themselves to the adult, the child, the older adult, and to the entire family.

Children will be able to find new play grounds built, while teens can find skate parks. Pets will also find new amenities tailored for them with dog parks. The new recreational vehicle parks will be especially enjoyed by children everywhere.

RV parks are also offering lush landscapes and new luxury type cabins for adults to enjoy. Some have new fitness centers on site. You will also be sure to find many technological improvements on motorhome campgrounds. Technological improvements may mean that the camp grounds have free wifi, cable tv, etc. You may be seeking a luxury RV experience at an RV camping ground that goes beyond the water hook up, fire pit, and community showers. Check out the new options.

Enjoy more by RV enthusiast Julie Jacobs at www.PedataRVCenter.com. You can find out more on RVs and travel trailers.

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Orlando’s Finest Senior Golf Courses

by on Dec.19, 2010, under Vacations

Many senior golf resorts offer green fees combined with hotel accommodations in a package deal. One place that has an abundance of accommodations and golfing is Orlando, Florida. The villas and resorts are well manicured and the golf courses are in close proximity to the hotel rooms. There are five golf courses in that area such as Highlands Reserve Golf Club, Champions Gate Golf Resort, Ridgewood Lakes Golf Club, Mystic Dunes and Celebration Golf Club. You could play a different course each day for a week. These golf courses have been home to some of the best-known senior golf tournaments. If you would prefer to rent or purchase a timeshare in Orlando, contact Chad Newbold.

The Celebration Golf Club has a senior golf school where a golf professional will instruct you on how to improve your swing. The course was designed by Robert Trent Jones in the wetlands and has terrain that contains many lakes . It has hosted the U.S. Senior Open in 2002 and the 2006 and 2007 drive, chip and putt finals. This golf course has been highly acclaimed by many respected golfers in recent years and you will experience a famous course designed by Jones.

The Mystic Dunes Golf Club is considered number two as far the golf courses in Orlando go. This course is operated by the Mystic Dunes Resort and is located in the Orlando wetlands. A round of golf is a relaxing and enjoyable way to enjoy all the resort has to offer. Gary Koch who is a Champion Tour player designed the golf course. There are several different tee locations that are varied depending on the skill of the golfer. Some senior golf amateurs have said the course is the best in the area of Orlando.

Highlands Reserve Golf Club and Ridgewood Lakes Golf Course are also two of the best courses in the region. You can play a round of golf and find some tricky areas that challenge the senior golf player. They have a par four and a couple of lengthy par five holes. Both are in close proximity to accommodations and offer a enjoyable golf outing, the even have a caddy service if you like. You will find that the courses are designed to captivate your interest and challenge your game.

The top rated golf course in Orlando is Champion Gate Golf Resort. This is a thirty-six hole golf course and resort that was designed by Greg Norman. The resort has what is termed a links course and an American style golf course. If you wanted to make a complete day of it you could play the American course in the morning and follow up by playing the links course in the afternoon. When you stay at the Champion Gate Resort you can choose between two well manicured courses. We also recommend that you contact Mr. Chad Newbold, to find a luxurious timeshare to stay in during your golf vacation.

Florida, with its desirable sunny weather, attracts senior golfs to the region all year round and if golf is your game, you will discover that these courses will offer you a world class golfing experience. Even many professional golfers vacation in the region to sharpen their skills when not playing on the senior golf tour.

To learn about some of the greatest golf resorts in Florida visit: Chad Newbold To find out where to stay refer to: Chad Newbold

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