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Facts About The National Slate Museum

by on Nov.21, 2010, under Travel

Since it stopped being used in 1969, Dinorwic Quarry in Wales has been home to The National Slate Museum. In fact, the entire quarry area was designated as Padarn Country Park, and the museum resides within that park.

Why have a National Slate Museum? Not only was slate one of the main exports of Wales for a number of years, slate quarries were the top employers of Welsh men from 1760 to 1879. The National Slate Museum serves to educate about those times, and about the role of slate in the development of modern Wales.

The National Slate Museum is a part of the larger National Museum Wales. It is also an anchor point on the European Route of Industrial Heritage, a project devoted to educating tourists about Europe’s industrial history.

The use of locomotives in slate transport marked a significant milestone in the industrialization of the slate industry; and in Wales in general. Dinorwic was a modern quarry of its time, so several workshops were built in 1870 to support the quarry and its means of transport – its locomotives. The National Slate Museum is located in one of those workshops, built so long ago.

The museum features a waterwheel, also built in 1870, that measures more than 50 feet in diameter. It is mainland Britain’s largest working waterwheel, and you can walk around the many walkways in the museum to see it from different angles.

Also, since the museum’s reopening in 1999, interested parties are able to see displays that depict the actual Victorian-era cottages that the slateworkers lived in at Tanygrisiau, a different Welsh town with its own shocking and magical history. The Victorian cottages were carefully taken apart stone by stone and rebuilt near That National Slate Museum, so that visitors can see firsthand what life was like for the Victorian slateworker.

For an even more in-depth glance at the quarry workers’ lives, the museum also offers a multi-media display called To Steal a Mountain, which depicts everyday life for the quarry worker. At the height of the quarry’s slate production over 3000 men worked there. The quarry closed for good in 1969, but there were still lots of quarry workers in the area to help compile the information presented at The National Slate Museum.

The museum opened for the first time in 1972, with actual quarry workers employed to show their trade with real equipment taken from other quarries in Wales. The museum is situated in a picturesque area of Wales, near Llyn Padarn, a glacial lake. The realistic feel of the historic parts of the museum, along with the breathtaking scenery, won The National Slate Museum the “Sense of Place Award” from the Wales Tourist Board.

Schools, families, tourists, and locals enjoy the events and exhibits at The National Slate Museum. And, as Wales moves with the times, even the museum dedicated to the “industry which roofed the industrial revolution” cares about the environment and sustainability, which they show with their current exhibit, “Biodiversity – Who cares?”

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Getting the Most From A North West England Break

by on Nov.21, 2010, under Vacations

If you consider every thing the North West of England offers, it’s not hard to understand why it’s such a well-liked destination for many tourists. Whether its a city break or maybe a traditional seaside holiday, there is so much to do and see that you’re certain to find just what you’re looking for.

With its wide variety and range of entertainment, Liverpool is always favoured by visitors to the North West. The numerous museums and galleries explain the city’s status as a culture capital, plus for all those whose expectations might be a bit more current, the city which brought us the Beatles provides excellent entertainment for all tastes.

With so much to see and do in North West England, you’ll have a difficult time deciding on just one location to visit, but it will certainly be worthwhile when you do. There are loads of great Merseyside hotels that you can pick from, with a vast range of activities and multiple amenities in each.

Another wonderful choice for anyone trying to enjoy a city break in the North West, is Manchester. Offering up a wide variety of great entertainment to suit all tastes, many of the north’s best shops, and fantastic food and drink thanks to the hundreds of amazing bars and restaurants, Manchester will be the perfect place for those wanting to cram as much as possible into their trip.

With its famous tower that can be seen from miles around, Blackpool is more than just a popular landmark. With a wonderful seashore, and all the entertainment you could want from its Pleasure Beach and piers, if you’re looking for a more typical seaside getaway, then Blackpool offers everything you need.

The North West has become recognised as one of the greatest sporting locations in the country, and it is something that attracts millions of travellers each year. Whether its to see the best football clubs in the world, or enjoy the sort of golf courses which have hosted world famous competitions, the North West has a great deal to offer sport lovers.

The Lake District is yet another popular place to go for lots of the people that visit the North West every year. Whether it is to follow in the famous footsteps of Alfred Wainwright, and climb some of the spectacular hills in the area, or experience the superb food and drink provided by the many great pubs and restaurants, the Lakes is the perfect place for a break.

From fantastic city breaks in a couple of the UK’s liveliest cities, to beach holidays, and breaks in spectacular country side, a visit to the North West can offer you just about any kind of holiday you could be looking for.

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    Selection of a Visa Service Provider

    by on Nov.20, 2010, under Travel

    Are you aware that it may be useful to talk to a visa expert registered just before handling over sponsored visa application to them? Have you thought of visa solutions, but you do not precisely know how you can choose what`s the most effective and more useful to you personally?

    You will find a number of stuff you need to remember when sourcing suitable information on visas vendors. You need to remember that it isn’t essential to use a service agency for any visa application.

    But in the event you made a decision to take the aid of a service provider for visa application, then you should make sure that you must select some registered and dependable person for visa application.

    What is going to happen at this point? You have collected your hard earned cash, and now you think of heading overseas for a very expected holiday, but have you thought about your housing needs, about the insurance plan which is really a necessity or about what visa is appropriate for your needs?

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    Just advise the company what kind of visa you would like: student visa, business visa, tourist visa are available. In addition, it may even assist you to to learn the details and the basic principles of the country you’re traveling to. Any visa you may want, you are able to obtain it: Malaysia visa, Portugal Visa, Canada visa, Swiss visa, Afghanistan visa, Russian Federation visa and many more. You simply order and it`s accessible to you. So it’s your choice if you want to spend time moving through the embassies for visas, or simply consult these websites to get it done for you while you remain at home and enjoy your time.

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