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Safety Before Anything Else While Traveling: Safety Travel Tips For More Fun Trips

by on Oct.30, 2010, under Vacations

Visiting destinations that you are not familiar with can be quite alarming. And, to increase your anxiety, there are lots of instances in which incidents occur, such as theft, murder or even rape. In most cases, tourists are usually the target simply because they basically do not understand how to act and prepare in such strange location. If you plan on traveling to other parts around the globe and absolutely love your vacation, then you need to remember that basic safety should always be number one while vacationing. Thus, here are some tips which can help you appreciate your trip more and also increase your safety.

The very first is that you ought to never list your home address in your baggage tag. If you are on business, try using the firm’s address and if you are visiting buddies in the area, you can try putting your address instead. Furthermore, in order to avoid making individuals find out where you live, try covering the luggage tags.

The second thing that you should conduct is that you should always stay with your baggage every time it is checked. You have to take into account the reality that most robberies happen during this time. In case you get tired and you want to put the bag down on the ground to enable your arms and hands rest, never fail to step on the handle of the bag.

A tiny lock on the zipper also helps avoid theft. In fact, even a tiny lock that could be quickly pried open is going to discourage thieves from even considering robbing from you.

It’s very important that you ought to always carry valuable documents and papers along with you, including your passport, driver’s license as well as all that you cannot afford to misplace while vacationing. Never ever leave these items inside your baggage that needs to be checked in. And, if you possibly can, photocopy your valuable papers.

While traveling, always carry a handy flashlight. You will never really know when you will all of a sudden be in a position where you will need a flashlight. In the evening, even in your accommodation, keep your flashlight close to you when you get some rest.

If you need to take medications, never forget that it should be named correctly and it should be filled properly. Always consult your physician in order to provide you with prescription and a document stating that you must take the medications. You have to remember that there are particular prescription drugs that are prohibited by some countries.

When you travel, you should never draw any attention from other people. This means you shouldn’t wear anything sparkly, such as gold jewelry, expensive watches, rings as well as other things that projects affluence. And, when you can, try leaving your jewelry at home, especially if you are not really going to make use of it while traveling.

Never accept drinks from someone you don’t know, especially women. And, always keep your eye on your drink all the time. You have to remember that in certain countries, several females are raped and killed because of consuming drugged beverages.

If you need to get local currency, never do business with exchangers that do not seem trustworthy. Try asking the hotel staff members or the information desk on the hotel on where to find a reputable money changer shop.

These are some of the pointers that you ought to keep in mind when traveling. Remember that when traveling, safety first should always be on top of your priorities.

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Safety First While Vacationing: Five Key Pointers That Can Make Your Vacation A Lot More Enjoyable And Safer

by on Oct.30, 2010, under Vacations

It will always be a great adventure to go to different countries. You’ll be able to learn diverse cultures, and you’ll also have the opportunity to take a look at many of the most stunning sights in the world. However, you should always remember that you always have to consider that safety first when traveling ought to be your top priority.

Wherever you’re planning on traveling, it is very important to keep in mind that your as well as your traveling companion’s well-being should always be first. Besides, in case an unpleasant incident will occur, it’s going to definitely make the rest of the holiday awful.

Preparing holidays or trips is not just dealing with planning which places you should check out, but it’s likewise concerning being prepared with regards to problems that might occur. Thus, here are several travel basic safety suggestions that you should constantly keep in your mind in order for you to experience a more enjoyable and safer vacation.

Transportation is the first thing that you should plan in advance. You need to keep in mind that even when you’re still in your own country, airports and bus stops are infamous for pickpockets as well as robberies. Always remember that you ought to frequently keep your valuable travel possessions with you all the time.

Have your own baggage clearly marked in order to avoid letting someone carry it by accident thinking that it’s his or her luggage. Additionally, rather than using inexpensive luggage, always opt for good quality pieces and well-known as well as reputable labels. By doing so, you will never worry about your own travel luggage busting or suddenly springing open in the middle of the airport terminal.

When you land in your desired destination country, often ask which taxis are safe to ride in. You could check this with a police officer or from the information counter at the airport terminal. Furthermore, never ever share taxis with stranger. And also, when it comes to public transit, stay clear of it late at night, particularly if you aren’t certain in which you are going.

In addition, even though backpackers are going to recommend hitchhiking, you should avoid doing this whenever you can.

Whenever you are checking in to hotels, be sure that the hotel you checked-in is situated in a very good location. Always be aware of the emergency exits and do not open your hotel room door to all strangers and never invite individuals you only have became acquainted with in your hotel room. Furthermore, use the hotel room door lock and chain at night time.

Attire is another thing that you ought to plan on to have a risk-free vacation. The key to traveling basic safety is by never ever looking like a vacationer. Always mix with the general public in terms of style. Don’t ever wear any expensive accessories, such as gold necklaces, expensive watches, rings, as well as other affluent objects. Never put anything that you can afford to lose in your pockets or purse. If you can, try buying a tiny bag that you could wear close to your body. A tiny bag as big as a purse that could be worn as a necklace is a great idea. A belt bag can also provide you with security and assurance.

Avoid using money at all times. As much as possible, make sure you use your credit card. And, when it is time for you to pay, never ever leave your eyes on your credit card. Go with the waiter to the cashier when paying with a credit card to be sure that your card does not get swiped with a credit card copier.

Don’t forget these things and you can be assured that you’ll have lots of fun on your travels. By maintaining safety on your first concern when traveling, you can be sure that both you and your travel companions are going to have an excellent time during your getaway or your holiday wherever it might be.

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Lyon Just A Bit Better Than Real Madrid In Champions League Play

by on Oct.30, 2010, under Travel

Jean Makoun scored early in the second half to give Lyon a hard fought 1-0 victory in the first leg of their round of 16 Champions League matchup against Real Madrid. The Spanish champions lost for the third straight time on Lyon’s Stade Gerland home field and will now have an uphill battle when the teams meet at Bernabeu to advance to the next round. With the Champions League final slated to be held in their stadium, an exit this early in the competition would be nothing short of an embarrassment for Real Madrid. They’ll need a multigoal victory to assure themselves of advancing to the next round.

Lyon controlled the play in the first half and held a decisive possession advantage. Unfortunately, they didn’t get many accurate scoring chances with a number of them going wide or high of the net. Despite Lyon’s time of possession advantage in the first half, Madrid actually got the best scoring chances in the first half. Following Makoun’s goal just 2 minutes from the start of the second half, Madrid controlled play but could not score the equalizer. For the game, Madrid held a 66% to 34% time of possession advantage. The shots on goal were even, but Madrid had the better chances despite not scoring on them.

Real Madrid has won the Champions League title 10 times, but now must rally from this 1-0 deficit when play resumes on their home field in May. Despite their tradition of success, Madrid hasn’t made it past the round of 16 for six straight years. Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t particularly worried heading into the home half of the matchup:

“In football anything is possible. We’ve lost here but we have a game at home in which we can repeat what they did here. I’m calm. In this competition you have to suffer. I’m sure that we will give a good answer in the return game and that we will win. The Bernabeu will help us. We will have to give to give it everything from the first minute until the last. The tie is not lost.”

Madrid General Director Jorge Valdano added:

“It’s been a bad night in general, especially the result. We had ups and downs during the match, but at no moment were we ourselves. The result means we have to really concentrate at the Bernabeu. Lyon barely stepped out of their half in the final minutes, but they made things very difficult for us for a long time, especially in midfield.”

Real Madrid will have to do without a couple of starters in the rematch. Marcelo and Xabi Alonso are suspending for the May contest due to bookings in previous contests. The team isn’t particularly concerned due to their deep and talented roster.

Ross Everett is a widely published freelance writer and highly respected authority on football betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sports news and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Las Vegas with three Jack Russell Terriers and a kangaroo. He is currently working on an autobiography of former energy secretary Donald Hodell.

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