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Traveling With The Family In Livingston Guatemala

by on Aug.29, 2010, under Adventures

This time my family and I visited Livingston, a colorful town in the Caribbean side of Guatemala, Department of Izabal. Livingston is a town away from the rest of the world with a unique population. It is a mixture of Garifuna and Mayan people. So you will see a very different and super interesting culture from the rest of the country. These guys are famous for their dancing and food.

For our adventure to this side of the country after a lot of research we decided to stay in a beautiful hotel called Hotel Gil Resort. Now, this isn’t a big luxurious hotel, instead it is a cute, tiny, kid friendly, family owned hotel overlooking the Caribbean Sea. But I loved it, The service was great and the rooms were nice.

The first thing that I loved about it was getting there because after a couple of hours of roads you have to take a small boat in the Puerto Barrios town to get there. That is the only way! The boat ride isn’t too long but it is along the Caribbean Coast so you get some beautiful sights.

I was impressed when I heard that this 14 room hotel was founded 62. We were lucky enough to find one of their ocean view rooms available and I loved it. The sunset was AMAZING!

Some other things this hotel offers area restaurant where they offer trypical Guatemalan dishes, seafood and the most traditional dish of the region “Tapado”. There is also a bar, a private dock, a jacuzzi, semiprivate beach and boat service.

We really enjoyed our stay there and we even took one of the tours they offer to a place called Seven Alters which is a place with a bunch of beautiful waterfalls where you can take a swim or tale a walk to explore around. But that’s not the only attraction of the area. There is also Playa planca, one of the only white sanded beaches of Guatemala, San Felipe Castle (did you know Guatemala was once attacked by pirates?) and Rio Dulce.

I would highly recommend this region of Guatemala to anyone that is planning on visiting this side of Guatemala.

Marina K. Villatoro, lives in Central America – Costa Rica and Guatemala for the past decade. She has traveled all over these areas with her family and now she loves to organize vacations to Costa Rica and Guatemala. Contact her for advice and to plan your perfect trip!

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Holidays To Egypt Sharm El Sheikh

by on Aug.29, 2010, under Travel

When you think of Egypt for your next get-away, consider Holidays to Egypt Sharm El Sheikh. Perhaps Cairo boasts more popular attractions like pyramids, but Sharm has its own charm. Spend your mornings and evenings outside in the warm, dry sunny climate of this beautiful spot.

Popular day trips here start with Mount Sinai. While it is a natural feature, Sinai also acts as a kind of religious monument. Many will be familiar with this is as the place where Moses is supposed to have talked with God. Take the strenuous hike or hire camels.

St. Catherine’s Monastery sits right at the top of Mount Sinai. This is still an active monastic location, but visitors can come and view the old building. Things to see include a room full of skulls once belonging to past residents. Also, the real burning bush is said to be growing near the chapel. Climb back down just half way for a look at Seven Elders of Israel Amphitheatre.

Colored Canyon is exactly what it sounds like. Layers of colored rock were formed by many rivers. These have long since dried up, leaving behind a brightly colored legacy and a challenging hiking opportunity. Naama Bay attracts divers to its rich wildlife and interesting wrecks. Sharm respects its coral too, having reserved a national park, Ras Muhammad, to protect these endangered organisms. Divers can still see them, plus there is a dive shop in town catering to the needs of underwater explorers.

Eat well from a range of cuisines. Certain hotels offer international choices. Restaurants and taverns tend to specialize. Sinai Star serves fish for guests on a budget and will often fill up with backpackers. Other establishments serve Egyptian, middle and far eastern menu options, European, U. S. And British cuisine.

If you have never haggled before, come prepared for a first and a must. Market vendors expect you to bring them down from a high starting point. They sell exotic spices, clothes, jewelry, art and crafts.

As for hotels, they tend to be mid to high-range price wise. Do not come expecting deals. This does not mean, however, that you have to be a Hilton or a Royal to stay here. Familiar chains have made their mark such as Sheraton, Ritz and Carlton. Another name, Three Corners Palmyra Nabq Bay, locates visitors in a quiet Red Sea location yet close to busy Naama Bay nightlife and a national park. Take advantage of their free shuttle to the beach, twenty-four hour reception, bath, hot tub and bar/lounge. Feel extra safe, too, knowing a security guard is on duty.

Maritim Jolie Ville Royal Peninsula Hotel and Resort seems especially modern juxtaposed with the ancient austerity of religious buildings like the monastery, chapel and many old buildings. Inside experience modernity also with three bars, a conference centre, pool, spa and more. Access to an eighteen hole golf club is available from the hotel. Cleopark will entertain kids and adults with their water attractions.

Get complete details on the fabulous Holidays Abroad that are available to you now! When you want to enjoy the Sharm el Sheikh holidays, you can get all of the information you will need for a great trip today! This article, Holidays To Egypt Sharm El Sheikh is available for free reprint.

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Pina Coladas And St. Augustine

by on Aug.29, 2010, under Vacations

It is inaccurate to call St. Augustine, Florida as America’s oldest city. Native American mound cities in the Upper Midwest and the Anasazi Pueblo cities of southwestern Colorado predate St. Augustine by several hundred years, as do Mexico City and the ancient Mayan city of Tikal further south. However, St. Augustine was the first permanent, named European settlement in what is now the United States, established only a little over seventy years after Columbus’ historic voyage.

As you might expect, there is a lot in this area for the history buff, from the ruins of the original fort to the old town neighborhoods with colonial Spanish architecture and several museums. With an abundance of quaint, historic bed breakfasts, you and your family will have no problem establishing a comfortable base of operations for your St. Augustine holiday exercusion.

It was actually 1513 when explorer Ponce de Leon, then governor of what is now Puerto Rico, landed in the region, claiming it for King Ferdinand of Castile and Queen Isabella of Aragon as Spain was not an officially unified kingdom until 1516. Contrary to popular myth, he was not searching for a “Fountain of Youth” but more tangible goods such as gold, slaves and land. It was decades before a permanent settlement could be established.

Once you and your family are contentedly established in one of St. Augustine’s fine bed and breakfasts or beach vacation rentals, you will discover enough interests and attractions to last a lifetime ranging from outdoor sports and educational excursions to sheer enjoyment and fun. Get started by exploring some of the area as the original inhabitants and early Spanish explorers saw it with St. Augustine Eco Tours, nominated the number one vacation experience among tourists. Traveling by kayak, you will see salt marshes and wetlands and may even come across untamed dolphins at play. And even though it’s vacation time, you can keep the kids learning with Sheriff’s Historical Tours, which takes you through 350 years of St. Augustine’s history. Another part of St. Augustine history worth exploring is El Castillo de San Marcos, an early Spanish military installation dating from the late 1600s.

Of course, the history of St. Augustine, similar to so many areas in the region, is intimately tied to the Golden Age of the Pirates of the Caribbean who commonly made forays up the Florida coast. Children of all ages will like to climb aboard the Black Raven for a sample of shipboard life on a 17th-Century privateer.

Budding herpetologists will enjoy seeing the last living relatives of the ancient dinosaurs up-close and personal at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm which contains much more than just alligators. This is just a small sample of what awaits you and your family in this fascinating town filled with sunshine most of the year.

Wesley Mathews is part of the travel team at FindVacationRentals.com and FindBedandBreakfast.com. These directories provide detailed information on romantic getaways and things to do.

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