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Affiliate Marketing Secrets

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Affiliate Marketing Secrets

If you want to get started quickly and easily in internet marketing, then affiliate marketing is for you. This is when you refer traffic to someone else’s product sales page, they handle the sales, support and billing, and you earn at least a 50% commission

These are a some of the benefits

  1. You can start almost instantly with no up-front costs and no need to develop a product, craft a sales letter, develop the website, create marketing materials, or set up the ordering, billing & delivery system.
  2. There’s no time required on your partbecause you don’t have to do the customer support or deal with billing or technical issues.
  3. There’s no risk for you, because the product owner has already made sure the product sells. So you already know that the visitors you send will result in commissions for you.

Obviously affiliate marketing makes sense – these benefits make it a clear winner!

OK, but it’s not all rosy…

You work hard to send the traffic to the product owner’s website, but once you do that you will never see those visitors again. Unfortunately, the majority of those visitors (at least 90%) will not buy on their first visit. And of the 10% or less that do buy, the product owner will be able to sell to them again, but you will not.

How can you avoid this pitfall?

Simply put, you need to capture the name and email of your visitors *before* sending them to the product sales page. By getting their contact info, you can follow up increase your odds of making the sale by sending them back to the product owner’s website multiple times. And if you want to do it like a pro, you’ll give them some great content before sending them to the sales page.

Here’s what these affiliate marketing strategies will do for you:

  1. By building your own list, you’re creating a renewable resource that you can tap again and again for instant profits.
  2. You’re generating good will by giving them high-quality content. This way, they are much more likely to make a purchase when you send them to the sales page.

If you want to create an affiliate marketing system like this, you’ll need the following:

  1. A squeeze page, and even better a Video squeeze page.
  2. Several high-quality content pages
  3. A multi-part email series with at least 5 emails in it

The video squeeze page is where you’ll direct your traffic instead of directly to the product sales page. It captures the name and email of your visitors and puts them into your autoresponder, which then begins sending out the 5-part email series. Then it redirects them to your content pages after they subscribe to your email series.

These high-quality content pages provide value and build good will. This way your visitor is more likely to buy when they get to the product owner’s website. While they’re reading the content you’ve provided, your email system is already following up with them to send them back to the product website again and again.

Putting all of these pieces together will increase your sales by 500% or more, so it’s obviously worth the time and energy to do it. And after you get it all set up, it runs on total auto-pilot. You just refer people to your lead capture page, instead of the product sales page.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to set it all up yourself, you can use something like Affiliate Silver Bullet. With a service like that, you don’t have to do anything. They make the video, build the squeeze page, write the email series, develop the content mini-site, etc. And then just give you a finished package. On the plus side, you’ll save a ton of time and money vs. trying to build this yourself. Plus you can get started instantly. The drawback is that you won’t be the only one using these affiliate tools. But the internet is huge, so this shouldn’t really affect you.

Another way to accomplish this is to hire “outsourcers” through a website like Elance to build and put your system together for you. The important thing is that you start using affiliate tools like the ones described here right now! Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and money.

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The Problem Of Sex Offenders Using United States Passports

by on Jul.30, 2010, under Travel

There are few documents that hold the importance and privilege as a new passport . In fact, it is such a valuable document that many feel a person who has been convicted of a sex crime should not be permitted to obtain one. You may not be aware that out of the sixteen million passports that were issued in 2008, 4,500 of them were issued to registered sex offenders who had been released from jail.

First, it’s important to understand the definition of, “sex offender.” This is an incredibly broad term that covers many different degrees and types of criminal activity. Everything from the guy who relieved himself outside of a bar caught for indecent exposure to convicted pedophiles and rapists is covered by this phrase. The United States Department of State grants passports to any of these cases, except for those specifically guilty of sex tourism. While it seems unfair to tag the indecent exposure case with the same title as the cases involving sexual abuse of children, some say it’s difficult to draw the line.

Some people feel this right should not be restricted hoping the sex offender will commit their crime in a foreign country where the penalties are much more severe than here in the United States. This opinion holds to the idea that once the debt is paid, they should be allowed to travel as much as they please and if they are caught in another country committing a crime, perhaps the harsh punishment will finally teach them a lesson.

There are probably as many different opinions on the subject as the people you ask. There are those who feel that once you have been convicted and served your time in jail or prison, there should be no more restrictions added after release and denial of a passport is certainly a restriction. It restricts international travel. If your term has been served, many feel that should be enough and a person should be allowed to get back into society and live like a regular person who does not have crimes like these to his or her credit.

One important detail to note is that there are very few restrictions on those who can get passports. For one, those lacking the proper American passport requirements can’t, those who owe a certain amount of child support money can’t, and drug traffickers, sex tourists, and the imprisoned can’t. However, this excludes those who have been released from jail, and this group of people can possibly include murderers, thieves, and other perpetrators.

Should the American passport requirements be made even stricter or should they be relaxed in these cases? It is imperative to realize how important U S passport is and the privileges it provides.

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    Take The Family On A Grand Canyon Rafting Trip For An End-Of-Summer Vacation

    by on Jul.30, 2010, under Vacations

    Hatch River Expeditions

    Summer often flies by much faster than people would like. For kids in particular, having a fun-filled summer is a must before heading back to the routine of school. Why not plan that summer vacation for late August and take your family on an exciting, high-adventure Grand Canyon white water river rafting trip?

    A white water expedition on the Colorado River offers adventure and education to families with children at least 8 years old – far from the computers and other gadgets that keep us indoors and disconnected from nature. Of course, it’s a way to spend quality time together as well, and these trips offer several benefits that make them an ideal vacation option:

    1. Rafting companies offer packages for families. There are plenty of options to choose from for all preferences, schedules and physical needs. Whether you want to explore all 188 miles of the Colorado through the Grand Canyon on a two-week expedition, or just a few days experiencing part of the canyon, there are customizable rafting packages available that will fit your needs.

    2. There are motorized rafts available, while others might prefer the physicality of oar power. These boats are often large enough to accommodate 16-30 people – so you can bring along other relatives as well for a full family adventure. The area is also a hiker’s paradise, with plenty of side canyons to explore from top to bottom, and most packages include day hiking for a complete Grand Canyon experience.

    3. For elderly or disabled family members, there’s no reason why they can’t enjoy the vacation, too – many companies offer special accommodations and transportation from rim to rim to make sure these individuals can safely and comfortably experience the canyon.

    4. There is no shortage of attractions to keep your family excited. While white water rafting is the focus of these trips, the canyon is full of natural wonders that are perfect for exploring – and learning a little about the area’s history. Day trips range from hidden canyons and caverns to refreshing waterfalls and pools, all offering great photo opportunities and scenic spots to take a break from the heat. There are even ancient ruins built into the canyon walls that capture the timelessness of the area.

    5. From food to sleeping accommodations – everything is taken care of when you work with a professional guide company. You don’t need to worry about packing meals or lugging around bulky sleeping bags. Included supplies vary, but items like tents, chairs, eating utensils, and of course, life vests are covered by many rafting groups. The guides are even all accomplished cooks – so you can look forward to fine dining (campground-style) too.

    6. Expert guides make sure you and your family get the most out of your trip. The best professionals have years of experience under their belts, and can tell you all there is to know about the history and geology of the canyon. In addition, they are skilled navigators and boaters, providing you with an interesting and safe experience as you travel down the river. While the nature of the trips always holds the possibility of accidents, guides are trained in everything from CPR to food handling, and some even hold EMT certification – so you can rest assured that you and your family will be in good hands.

    A Grand Canyon river rafting expedition offers an exciting way to finish summer on a high note. The memories from the trip – whether braving the rapids or enjoying the breathtaking views – will be a great addition to your family’s experiences.

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    Stephen Daniels is an acclaimed NetBiz SEO 2.0 researcher. For a thrilling oar-powered or motorized Grand Canyon river rafting trip, he recommends Hatch River Expeditions. Their guides will pamper, educate and entertain you with tales both true and tall as you experience the nature and history around you.

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