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Information About Pembroke – Pembrokeshire, Wales

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Pembroke – Pembrokeshire is the central town of its county in Wales. Pembroke Castle is the major attraction in the town. Though the castle is no longer standing, its remains have been well-preserved. This castle is best known as the birth place and one of the homes of Henry VII of England.

It was influential long before King Henry VII, though. This was a major area to first convert to Christianity. There was a great deal of struggle going from the pagan religions to the Christian one. This is why many of the Christian structures in town were used not only as religious buildings, but also as defensive ones. One building in particular lasted long enough to be Oliver Cromwell’s headquarters and then, in the nineteenth century, became a brewery for a local tavern.

The whole area is covered with ruins of early castles, churches, and other structures of commercial and military importance. Scholars studying all periods of British history frequent this town because there is simply so much of historical significance already found and so much left to discover. Sites of battles are nearby and a mysterious building once belonging to the Knights Templar could have revealed many secrets, had it not been burned down nine hundred years ago.

Despite its status as a ‘town of history, ‘ it is not stuck in the past. New buildings have recently been built to accommodate an upward swing in the population. The residents now number about seven thousand people. These new buildings include not only apartments, but upgraded government and public buildings and more stores for tourism and shopping.

Geographically, the town has everything it needs. There have always been plenty of forests for building and for protection. The farmland is good and plentiful. Though it is in a valley and therefore not an ideal place to defend, there is a river nearby which could make for a quick escape and, in times of peace, is excellent for shipping.

In current times, the river is important for transportation to Cardiff, another influential British town. Pembroke is also connected to the rest of the world via railroad, which has long made shipping and traveling much easier than just by road. It does not have its own airport, but is close enough to Cardiff to have easy access to their airport.

Rugby is the biggest sport in town and where Pembroke’s athletic strengths lie. Some professional players have come from the local Pembroke team. Football and cricket are also played here.

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Why You Should Learn Spanish?

by on Apr.23, 2010, under Travel

When you want to learn Spanish quickly and inexpensively, consider taking lessons via the internet. This is an affordable way to learn a new language without having to leave your home or adjust your schedule to get to a class with others on time.

If you do a lot of traveling, whether for business, or touring, learning to speak Spanish could be very beneficial. There are a great number of Spanish speaking individuals around the world. No matter where you are in the world, you are bound to run into a Spanish speaker. It is a good idea to learn a different language if you are going to visit another country.

It will make it a lot easier to get things accomplished when you are traveling if you know Spanish, especially if you plan on traveling to Mexico, or any other region in the world where Spanish is the main language.

It’s inherited in Spanish culture the art of bargaining, and the only way to get in the best deals is to do it in the native language. If you decide to enjoy some exotic cuisine, well there is no harm in asking what you are eating beforehand, and none of this is possible if you lack the advantage of knowing the language!

So many people speak Spanish nowadays, that it’s almost a given that you should know the language for career advancement. It’s necessary if your firm has offices in Mexico or other Spanish speaking countries or if potential customers from Spanish speaking countries are coming to presentations at your home office.

Managers from different types of business like fast food restaurants, medical facilities, and hospitals often choose for their staff bilingual candidates who will be more knowledgeable about Spanish culture and language.

Just make sure to keep your Spanish current once you’ve learned some. Don’t just let it sit. Instead, read Spanish newspapers and journals, listen to some radio and television programs, maybe shop in local markets where Spanish people shop. You may be a bit inhibited at first, but try out your skills whenever you can and you’ll get better and better.

Along your way, you may find a Spanish friend that can help tutor you, and help you practice by having conversations in Spanish, helping you to perfect your language skills.

If you want to find out more about Spanish lessons, then go to Rocket Spanish.

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The Five Top Things To Do In New York City

by on Apr.23, 2010, under Vacations

New York City is one of the most exciting and unique cities in the world. You can visit New York multiple times a year and still not even come close to seeing everything it has to offer. Choosing the best tourist attractions to see can be a fun, but overwhelming process. In order to help you narrow down your options, below you’ll find a list of 5 of the top things to do in New York City:

1. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Ellis Island is a place that will remain in the hearts of many forever as it was here that countless immigrants entered the country in search of freedom and a better way of life. When visiting the island, be sure to look through the registry book to see if you recognize any of your ancestor’s surnames. On Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty awaits, you will be amazed by this impressive structure that was once a gift from the French. Although you may have seen pictures of the statue or seen her in movies, nothing compares to seeing Lady Liberty in all her true glory. Take the ferry to Ellis Island and then to Liberty Island, which departs from the city as well as from New Jersey, for a fee of $12. Tickets sell out fast here, so as soon as you arrive in the city you may want to buy yours in advance from either right where the ferry departs or online. If you plan on going up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, be aware that you’ll need a ticket for that, which also sells rather fast.

2. Exciting Times Square

There is so much to do in this one district and it’s all for free! (Well, unless you buy souvenirs of course). This is where you can watch the ball drop every New Year’s eve. There are plenty of shopping opportunities and stores to go into. There are also plenty of places to dine and eat. There is a tourist information center on 7th Avenue close to 46th Street. From Times Square there are endless possibilities. You can get tickets to one of the many Broadway shows or just sit back and enjoy the night life.

3. Beautiful Central Park

You definitely won’t be bored in Central Park, which is free to visit unless you plan on riding the big, colorful carousel or visiting the zoo located inside of the park, which both charge admission. If you’re a John Lennon fan you won’t want to miss Strawberry Fields, the aptly named monument to the former member of The Beatles, located across the street from the Dakota, the apartment building Lennon lived in and lost his life in front of in 1980. The solitary word “Imagine,” one of Lennon’s most beloved hits, marks a circular set of stones to honor the late musician.

4. Ellen’s Stardust Diner

The 1950s style restaurant, Ellen’s Stardust Diner, is conveniently situated near Broadway and 51st Street, which is close to Times Square, making it a great place to stop and enjoy a delicious meal while sightseeing in the big city. Besides the good food, which is a bit pricey but not unreasonable, the atmosphere is fun for both children and adults. Waiters and waitresses serenade patrons with Broadway show tunes from well known musicals and the restaurant’s upper seating section offers an ideal view of the whole dining area. Although reservations aren’t needed, the place is quite popular so plan on waiting in line some evenings.

5. Empire State Building.

And finally, be sure to see New York’s tallest building, the Empire State Building, with its spectacular, breathtaking views. This famous building has appeared in many classic films including King Kong. Venture to the top of the building where there are binoculars for tourists to use at look-out points that provide a panoramic vista of all the surrounding states. The lights atop the Empire State Building are changed according to season or holiday. They are red and green during Christmas time. Admission to the building is $19 for adults and patrons with a military ID will receive a two dollar discount. Entertainment and coupon books as well as AAA also often have discounts on tickets for the Empire State Building, which is visited by literally thousands of people each day.

This list of fun and exciting things to do in New York City is just the very tip of the iceberg as after all, the Big Apple is also known as, “The City That Never Sleeps.” But hopefully, with this list as a starting point you will be able to see some of New York City’s very best tourist attractions and have the perfect time exploring its countless wonders.

Check out my blog for more on the top things to do in New York City. Read about famous restaurants in New York and New York day tours.

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