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A Great Animal Park In Guatemala – Safari Chapin

by on Apr.24, 2010, under Adventures

If you are looking for full day of adventure Auto-Safari Chapin is the solution it.

What you can do here:

Be in the middle of an exotic collection of animals in this car safari

Eat around like a king

Flop around in a huge pool

Take a gorgeous ride in a boat

You can take a leisure, rather, pleasure walk in their zoo!

Here you can drive close to the animals. When I say close, it’s because they will be right out your window! You don’t need a car to go in this safari. You can rent one from them and it won’t cost more than the same price of the entrance fee of a car.

The park has different entrance fees: $8 for only the safari ride and $12for the safari ride, the pool, the boat ride, the zoo and a great lunch with a drink and dessert. The kids get discounts. I took the $12 package because the food is great and much more expensive when you buy them separately and I don’t regret it.

Between the safari exhibits, you get to relax in a rest stop where the kids can play around and you can stretch your legs.

After eating, you can go to either the pool or to an ultra-relaxing boat ride. Due to my recent experience I recommend the boat ride because it is really beautiful and calm.

In order to end the day the best way possible, you get the opportunity to walk around in their wonderful small zoo. To be honest, when I first paid the entrance fee, I didn’t expect too much of it. But I must admit it was pretty good.

Marina K. Villatoro, the Travel Experta, has been living in Central America – Costa Rica and Guatemala for the past decade. Traveling with her family to all parts of Costa Rica and Guatemala, she now loves organizing vacations for people and offers first hand experience. Contact her for advice and to plan your perfect trip!

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Hiring Window Cleaning Services In Fulham

by on Apr.24, 2010, under Travel

A variety of establishments have the need for a professional cleaning service. If you have windows gracing the beauty of your facility, then a fulham window cleaning service can keep them looking beautiful. Whether you are a restaurant with a full faced window, or a hotel with multiple windows, you can rely on dedicated professionals.

When you rely on a good window cleaning service to do the job, you are getting trained professionals who can efficiently clean any type of window you have quickly. They will not only do a remarkable cleaning and shine job for you, but keep safety top of mind.

These professional window cleaning services are flexible and easy to work with. They can work to your schedules as to when you need your windows cleaned and how often. The work they will not go unnoticed by your or your visiting customers who will appreciate the beauty they will see in your new like shined windows.

You should try to find a good local window cleaning service in London that is insured and licensed. This will assure you that the job will be done to meet your satisfaction. The methods of cleaning won’t interfere with your flow of your patrons. All of the cleaning supplies are safe and won’t hurt the environment, your customers or employees.

You will find when you start researching a fulham window cleaning service is they specializing in cleaning all types, sizes, and shapes of windows. They also specialize in special project work after construction. They can make your windows spotless removing unwanted debris, paint and the like.

When you begin shopping around to evaluate the window cleaning services offered, weigh the benefits that you will get. This includes any type of satisfaction guarantees. For long term relationships and to save money over time, see if they do both exterior and interior cleaning.

If you need more information or if you would like to find window cleaners in Fulham please visit London’s best window cleaning company at www.ncpm247.com

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Amazing Things To Do And See In Tewkesbury – Gloucestershire

by on Apr.23, 2010, under Travel

There is no family that would not love taking a trip to Tewkesbury-Gloucestershire. The historic town is a fabulous place to visit with plenty to see and do. That is why thousands of vacationers plan their holidays around a tour of the region.

This untouched region has been relatively unchanged for centuries. Modern technology is found all over the city, but the quaint structures have remained intact. Travelers who are touring England should make a stop in this awesome district.

Visitors to the area will not have any problem finding a place to stay. Their accommodations range from bed and breakfast houses that offer a home like feel, and incredible hotels that provide the best in amenities. They are all fully staffed and extremely welcoming.

Plenty to see and do

Once everyone is settled the real fun can begin. The city is full of historic sites and incredible scenery. The family can book a tour or simple wonder about independently.

The most popular place to visit in the area is Tewkesbury Abbey. The building has been standing for hundreds of years and was structured during a time when construction was not so easy. There have been changes made through the centuries, but the original configuration has remained the same. There is even a gift shop where visitors can buy trinkets to remember their tour.

Another unusual place to see in the area is the John Moore Museum. It offers a true look of the creatures that make up the beautiful countryside. There is even an exhibit of preserved animals for all to look at. It’s a wonderful way for everyone to see otherwise reclusive mammals and birds. Be sure to check their website for special exhibits and other happenings.

Those who enjoy shopping can find some awesome handmade gifts while wandering through the town’s streets. Many local shops offer the best products in the area. Bring along an extra suitcase to hold all the goodies.

There are many festivals and goings on that can be found throughout the year. Depending what time a trip is booked there might be concerts or even festivals. Check the schedule to find out which offerings are available.

Tewkesbury – Gloucestershire offers England’s visitors a sense of the areas historical past. There are tons of wonderful accommodations and lots of things for everyone to do. It is probable that any visitor would want to stay a bit longer than planned.

Find your next Tewkesbury hotel here.

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