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Weddings are important social occasions. Many people are brought together to witness the exchange of vows by a couple. Among the Jewish and Christian religious groups, weddings are held in very high regard and are seen as sacred events that need to be respected, hence the involvement of Jewish and Christian Wedding rabbi in these proceedings.

Among the Jewish faith, a wedding is an important ritual and hence the need for the involvement of a rabbi in these kind of ceremonies. A rabbi, in Jewish community is regarded as a teacher who offers guidance on matters of religion and law. This basically shows how serious this is regarded.

In the Jewish faith, it is mandatory to conduct wedding in accordance to the law and traditions. There are a number of common rituals that need to be followed when conducting such weddings. Common features include the lighting of a candle of unity done by the mothers of each couple, the breaking of glass and most importantly the signing of a marriage contract to signify the union of the couple involved.

A religious leader known as a rabbi is plays an important role in the proceedings of a wedding ceremony. They make sure that their laws and rituals are adhered to while presiding over the marriage ceremony. They bless the union of husband and wife to be while urging them to stay truthful and faithful to one another. Overseeing the signing of the marriage contract is also the role of a rabbi; this indispensable role has to only be done by them.

Christian marriages are also a very happy affair that is seen as a blessing from God. Marriage is regarded a holy union between a man and a woman and hence the need to involve a religious figure such as a priest in such occasions to officiate the union and make it official to the public.

Though weddings among Christians do vary greatly due to the presence of many denominations among the Christian community, a few practices are common in most weddings. The ceremony is usually conducted in a church, presided over by a priest. The bride and groom exchange vows in public and declare their commitment to one another, usually followed by a lot of singing and dancing.

A Christian rabbi is heavily involved in the proceedings of wedding ceremonies. Their primary role is to preside over the function, by reading sermons on topic of marriage. He also emphasizes on the importance of marriage as an institution to the whole congregation in attendance. He or she also recites the vows to the groom and bride, blesses the union while overseeing the exchange of rings.

A number of practices are also common among the two faiths. The exchange of vows infront of family and friends, the reading of sermons by the rabbi are common practices shared by both religious communities. Inter marriages among Jews and Christians has also been regularly witnessed. This presents an opportunity to adopt rituals and practices performed by each of the parties.

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